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The Chairman's Bao Integration is Live

Learn how to sync your Skritter and TCB accounts.

We are thrilled to announce our new integration with TCB, a comprehensive news-based graded reader that provides authentic news content for Chinese learners. Their selection includes a wide range of topics from current events to culture and technology.

If you have both a Skritter and TCB account, you can sync your accounts so that words and phrases that you save on TCB will show up in a custom deck on Skritter. This makes it simple and convenie

Beta Feature Alert: Introducing Dark Mode

Studying at night just got better for you. Learn how to enable Dark Mode on your Skritter Account.

💥Beta-Feature Alert💥 Dark Mode Now Available on Skritter!

Are you someone who spends long hours using your mobile device, especially during late-night study sessions? Do you often find yourself straining your eyes because of the bright light emanating from the screen? If so, we have some exciting news for you! Our team has been hard at work creating a Dark Mode feature for our app, and it’s now a

Mandarin Blueprint: Video Courses to Study Chinese >

For those of you in search of an online Chinese course, Mandarin Blueprint may be for you. First, let’s look at a video where Jake and Phil discuss MB, Skritter, language learning and so much more:

After years of studying Chinese, Phil Crimmins and Luke Neale designed The Mandarin Blueprint Method. This curriculum is based off of the effective methods they discovered during their years of studies and the mistakes they made along the way. They created this program to help others avoid common mis

Learn Chinese with Cartoons: 5 Movies >

Comprehensive input is a useful method for language learners. According to Krashen’s I+1 theory, students should be exposed to language that is slightly above their current level.

So in between watching your favorite C-Drama or the latest movie, it is certainly helpful to find ways to make time for comprehensive input. Which brings us to today’s topic–learning Chinese with cartoons.

Cartoons often contain more graded language, so they are a great option for many students. So let’s take a look

Du Chinese Integration: Link with Skritter >

You can now link your Du Chinese and Skritter accounts. Once your accounts are linked, words you save while reading on Du Chinese will automatically be added to a custom study deck!

Du Chinese is a Chinese-learning platform that offers a large selection of graded stories, ranging from newbie to master. Their content includes dialogues, short stories, and some news-like reads. This wide-array of stories allows you to see and hear words in context.
• You can easily tap on words you don’t know to

LTL Flexi Classes: Language Classes for Busy Learners >

LTL has a big surprise for Skritter users. Find out more at the end of this article!

LTL Mandarin School is a language learning platform that offers different programs and experiences for Mandarin Chinese students. While they offer a variety of options, today I want to talk about their LTL Flexi Classes.

As a result of COVID, LTL launched these online group classes that allow students to study anywhere at flexible times. In addition to Mandarin Chinese, they offer classes in Taiwanesse Hokien,

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